Full name (including middle initial): Abigail Gunter
Monogram: A G
Birthday: October, 10
My Favorite Flower: All
My Favorite Coffee Shop is: Starbucks
My Favorite Hot and Cold Drinks: PG Tips Hot Tea/ Lemonade
My Favorite Restaurants: Panera, Zaxbys, Chick-Fil-A, Fish Thyme< Macaroni Grill, Teds My Favorite Mani / Pedi Spot: Parisians
My Favorite Place to Pamper Myself: Natural Body Spa and Shop
My Favorite Hobby is: Reading
My Favorite Place for School Supplies: Target
My Favorite Sweet Treat: Nothing Bundt the Cake or Cheesecake
My Favorite School Day Snack: Low Fat Cheezits, Milk Dove Chocolate
My Shirt Size is: Large
My Favorite Clothing Store: Eddie Bauer or Loft
My Favorite Kind of Salad: Garden w ranch (no onion)
My Favorite Kind of Sandwich: Tuna, Turkey, Chicken (no onion)
My Favorite Color: Blue
My Favorite Types of Gift Cards: Any
Classroom Supply Wish List:

  • Pencil Top Erasers
  • White Tempera Paint