Full name (including middle initial): Susan H. Braddy
Monogram: SBH
Birthday: January 21st
My Favorite Flower: Wild flowers
My Favorite Coffee Shop is: Starbucks or Daily Grind
My Favorite Hot and Cold Drinks: Hot: Peppermint Hot Chocolate @ Starbucks/ Cold: small bottles of Coke (don’t like cans)
My Favorite Restaurants: Longhorns, Chili’s, LaParrilla, Chick-fil-a
My Favorite Mani / Pedi Spot: TN Nails by Publix at Dallas Hwy & Barrett Pkwy
My Favorite Place to Pamper Myself: Nail shop
My Favorite Hobby is: Reading, Decorating, TV
My Favorite Place for School Supplies: Walmart
My Favorite Sweet Treat: Reese’s
My Favorite School Day Snack: Cheez Its, Goldfish, popcorn
My Shirt Size is: Large
My Favorite Clothing Store: Steinmart, Kohls, Belks, or Dress Barn
My Favorite Kind of Salad: Caesar Salad, no croutons, or Greek Salad
My Favorite Kind of Sandwich: Chicken salad on a Croissants
My Favorite Color: Earth colors–Blue/Green (just check out my room!)
My Favorite Types of Gift Cards: Kohls, Belks, Steinmart, Target, Longhorns, Chili’s, LaParrilla, Chick-fil-a, TN Nails, Walmart
Classroom Supply Wish List: Pastel colored copy paper or card stock