Full name:Polly Ruth Yaguchi
Birthday:January 15
Favorite Flower:tulip
Favorite Coffee Shop:Starbucks
Favorite hot and cold drinks:Starbucks green tea frappe, Starbucks green tea latte (hot)
Favorite restaurant:Red Lobster, Fish Thyme
Favorite mani/pedi spot:Serenity Nails
Favorite Place to pamper yourself:Barnes and Noble
Favorite hobby:traveling
Favorite place for school supplies:staples
Favorite sweet treat:peanut anything!
Favorite school day snack:chocolate chip cookie
Shirt size: Large
Favorite clothing store:Belk
Favorite kind of salad:Chicken
Favorite kind of sandwich:grilled cheese
Favorite color:teal
Favorite types of gift cards:Starbucks, Barnes & Noble
Classroom supply wish list:

  • Post-it notes
  • colored paper