Hospitality Help During Conference Week

Help Us Treat Our Teachers During Conference week, we are providing lunch for all of our AMAZING teachers and staff here at Due West. The PTA will provide the main entree each day and we need your help with the sides. We will serve approximately 85 staff members.  Lunch will be set up in the administration wing kitchen for the staff to enjoy after the students are dismissed for early release during conference week.

Please have ALL items to the school by NOON (12pm), in order to set up.  ALL items need to be ready to serve by 12:15 pm.  If you are bringing a hot item, please deliver it as close to 12:15 pm as possible.  We have no way to keep items hot.  Cold items can be brought earlier — please clearly label the item (TEACHER LUNCHEON) and place it in the admin. refrigerator or the cart by the front door.

Disposable serving bowls, pans and trays are preferred!  If you do have an item that needs to be returned to you, please be sure it is CLEARLY MARKED with name and number.

Parent Teacher Conference Week is Oct 14-18th. Each day is a different theme, so check them out and sign up! Thank you for your help, we couldn’t do it without you!  

> Sign Up to bring something at the links below.

Mon – Soup, Salad & Sandwiches

Tue – Picnic

Wed – Baked Tater Bar

Thurs – Italian Menu

Fri  – Chick-fil-A FriYay!

Tracy Lindsey-Noblet

Full Name: Tracy Lindsey-Noblet

Monogram: TNL

Birthday: 9/21

Favorite Hot/Cold Drink: Coke Zero

Favorite School Day Snack: Cool Ranch Doritos

Favorite Sweet Treat: Chocolate

Shirt Size: XL

Favorite Stores for Gift Cards: Amazon

Favorite Flower: Amazon

Favorite Sports Team: Georgia Tech

Favorite Restaurant: Long Horn

Favorite Color: Green

Amanda Akery

Full Name: Amanda Marie Akery

Monogram: AAM

Birthday: 12/19

Favorite Hot/Cold Drink: peppermint mocha or black coffee/ unsweet tea or sparkling water

Favorite School Day Snack: chips

Favorite Sweet Treat: Dark Chocolate

Shirt Size: L

Favorite Stores for Gift Cards: Target, Publix, Peace Love Pizza

Favorite Flower: Wildflowers

Favorite Sports Team: Georgia Bulldogs

Favorite Restaurant: La Parilla

Favorite Color: Blue

Cissi Kale

Monogram: MKK

Birthday: 9/19

Favorite Hot/Cold Drink: Diet Coke

Favorite School Day Snack: Gluten free cupcake/bundt cake

Favorite Sweet Treat: Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Hard Candies, Cupcakes, Cookies, Cake

Shirt Size: M

Favorite Stores for Gift Cards: Target, Amazon, Marshall’s, Starbucks, Nordstrom

Favorite Sports Team: UGA

Favorite Restaurant: Mod Pizza, Sushi