Hello 5th Grade Families!  I hope everyone is ready for an exciting “last year” in elementary school!

5th Grade is full of tons of fun EXTRA activities!  Because of these extra activities, we collect dues from all 5th grade students to cover these costs. These dues are $40 and cover the items listed below. 

  • 5th Grade T-Shirt 
  • Varsity Lunch
  • Ice Cream Social 
  • 2020 Class String Bag filled with snacks for the Chattanooga Field Trip

In addition to the dues, Fifth Grade hosts the bake sale during the Holiday Elves Event in December, flower sales during Teacher Appreciation Week in March and the Family Dance in March.  

If any funds remain from the collection of dues plus those fundraisers, that money is used for an end of year gift donated to the School on behalf of the 2020 Class!  

The cost of Field Trips INCLUDING the Chattanooga trip are NOT included in these dues!