Room Parent Information Center

Room Parent Coordinator:
Please review the following rules/guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Links for form letters are at the bottom of this page.
*  The most important first step to a successful year is to send the form letter “Room Mom Introduction Letter”. This letter should be sent in paper form so parents can supply contact information. Please use BLUE paper which can be found in the PTA room. The PTA room can be found down the k/1/2 hallway across from Mr. Duff’s music room. There is an apple on the door that says PTA.

* The next important step to a successful year is to meet with your teacher as soon as possible to go over his/her expectations and ideas for the year. It is up to the teacher as to when there will be celebrations/activities during the school year.
* All letters sent home in Thursday Folders must be one of the approved form letters below. If you encounter a situation where one of standard form letters will not suit your communication needs, send a draft of the letter you would like to send out to the room parent coordinator first so approval can be obtained from the school administration.
* Room parents are responsible for sharing information with parents in the class throughout the year. Email communications are highly recommended to save paper. If there are parents in the class who do not have email or did not supply an email address, paper copies should be sent home only with those children so they are included in all correspondence and activities.
* Room parents are responsible for coordinating volunteers to assist in the classroom with Teacher Appreciation Week and the Teacher Holiday Luncheon. Information will be sent as soon as it is available so parents can be given plenty of notice.
* Please be mindful that all money/gifts/donations collected by room parents are strictly voluntary and parents should not feel pressured to contribute. If you decide to collect money for a class gift for the teacher, it is a good idea to give parents at least a two-week notice.
* SignUpGenius is a free website and great resource which can help streamline class events for volunteers/parties.

Dates to Plan For:

October 13, 2018 – Due West Dash 5K (Primary PTA fundraiser for the year)
October 17-21, 2016- Book Fair & Conference Week
November 15-17, 2016 – Thanksgiving Grandparents Luncheon
December 1, 2016 – Holiday Elves/ Art Show
March 24, 2017 – School Dance
May 1-5, 2017 – Teacher Appreciation Week
TBD – Field Day
Check this page regularly for updates throughout the year.
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