James Caswell

Full name (including middle initial): James H. Caswell
Monogram: JHC or JCH
Birthday: 07/20
My Favorite Flower: Gardenia, Tulips, Carnations
My Favorite Coffee Shop is: Starbucks, Daily Grind
My Favorite Hot and Cold Drinks: Coffee, Diet Coke Ginger Lime, Coke Zero
Favorite restaurant: Marietta Diner; West Cobb Diner; Taco Mac; Vincent’s; Chili’s; Sweet Tomatoes; Cookout; Culver’s; Sonny’s BBQ
My Favorite Mani / Pedi Spot: Wang’s Foot & Body Massage
My Favorite Place to Pamper Myself: Bath & Body Works, Wang’s Foot & Body Massage, Best Buy, any donut shop, movie theater
My Favorite Hobby is: Anything related to music, movies, automobiles
My Favorite Place for School Supplies: Any
My Favorite Sweet Treat: Little Debbie’s Nutty Bars, Oatmeal Cream Pies, Fudge Rounds, Donut Sticks; anything chocolate
My Favorite School Day Snack: trail mix, nuts, Bugles
My Shirt Size is: XL
My Favorite Clothing Store: Any
My Favorite Kind of Salad: Chicken tenders and pecans with raspberry vinaigrette dressing
My Favorite Kind of Sandwich: Any (but don’t enjoy pickles, onions or olives
My Favorite Color: Blue, Yellow, Crimson
My Favorite Types of Gift Cards: Any (restaurants and merchandise)
Classroom Supply Wish List:

  • small/snack sized candy for treasure box
  • small novelties (i.e. party favors) for treasure box
  • paper towels
  • tissue
  • disinfecting wipes