Karyn Eveler

Full name (including middle initial): Karyn R Eveler
Monogram: KER
Birthday: May 5
My Favorite Flower: Daisy
My Favorite Coffee Shop is: Daily Grind
My Favorite Hot and Cold Drinks: Mocha or Diet coke
My Favorite Restaurants: Panera, chick fila, Taco Bell Twisted Kitchen
My Favorite Mani / Pedi Spot: Parisian Nail salon
My Favorite Place to Pamper Myself: Natural Body spa
My Favorite Hobby is: Reading
My Favorite Place for School Supplies: Walmart
My Favorite Sweet Treat: Chocolate chip cookies or Brownies
My Favorite School Day Snack: Cheese its
My Shirt Size is: Large
My Favorite Clothing Store: Old Navy
My Favorite Kind of Salad: House or Caesar
My Favorite Kind of Sandwich: Ham and cheese
My Favorite Color: Purple
My Favorite Types of Gift Cards: Restaurant
Classroom Supply Wish List:

  • Playground equipment
    • Basketball
    • soccer ball
    • kickball
    • football
    • jump ropes
    • sidewalk chalk
    • Frisbee
    • etc…
  • Bright colored printer paper
  • Bright colored cardstock
  • Personal classroom laminator and laminate
  • Grade appropriate picture books and chapter books