Melissa Monette

Full name (including middle initial): Melissa A. Monette
Monogram: MMA
Birthday: 1/28
My Favorite Flower: Sunflowers
My Favorite Coffee Shop is: Daily Grind/Starbucks
My Favorite Hot and Cold Drinks: Coffee with cream &vanilla shot/ Vitamin Water – Squeezed flavor
My Favorite Restaurants: So not picky! Not cooking is a treat!
My Favorite Mani / Pedi Spot: Parisian
My Favorite Place to Pamper Myself:
My Favorite Hobby is: house renovation, traveling, kayaking
My Favorite Place for School Supplies: School Box
My Favorite Sweet Treat: Blueberry or cinnamon chip scone from Great Harvest
My Favorite School Day Snack: Granola Bars
My Shirt Size is: Large
My Favorite Clothing Store: Belk
My Favorite Kind of Salad: Blue Salad from Marietta Pizza Co.
My Favorite Kind of Sandwich: Buffalo Chicken from Daily Grind or Veggie Wrap from Otters
My Favorite Color: tiffany blue
My Favorite Types of Gift Cards: All are appreciated!
Classroom Supply Wish List: