Molly Torch

Full name:Molly S. Torch
Birthday:January 11th
Favorite Flower:white hydrangea, sunflowers
Favorite Coffee Shop:Daily Grind
Favorite hot and cold drinks:Coffee w/cream, coke zero
Favorite restaurant:Chick-fil-A, Ted’s, Moe’s
Favorite mani/pedi spot:Ultra Nails on 41
Favorite Place to pamper yourself:Ultra Nails on 41
Favorite hobby:Pottery on the wheel
Favorite place for school supplies:Amazon, Walmart
Favorite sweet treat:Daily Grind Choc Chip cookie or choc cake
Favorite school day snack:Lays onion chips
Shirt size: Large
Favorite clothing store:Loft, Gap
Favorite kind of salad:Zaxby’s Buffalo Blue
Favorite kind of sandwich:Spicy Chick-fil-A Delux
Favorite color:Magenta
Favorite types of gift cards:Amazon, Target, Michael’s
Classroom supply wish list:

  • colored card stack
  • bubble gum (extra)